Rack & Pinion

We have expertise in manufacturing of Rack & Pinion.

Rack and pinion sets are the devices that deliver precise motion, even over unlimited lengths. Now a days rack-and-pinion systems offer high dynamic performance and unlimited travel distance.

Rack and Pinion drives offer constant stiffness over the complete travel length plus good system behavior — for superior control system behavior.

Lubrication is key

Rack-and-pinion sets last longest when properly lubricated. Appropriately greased sets are also most capable of reaching highest rated speed. For many rack and pinion systems, the most common method is an automatic lubrication kit or greasing device.


Mounting options abound for rack-and-pinion sets. Some racks use special mounting surfaces to ensure accuracy, while others deliver suitable performance even with basic installation. The design’s inherent flexibility can be leveraged for better control: Unlike direct-driving linear motors, rack-and-pinion sets allow adjustments in pinion size, gear ratios, and damping — to stabilize closed-loop control.

Rack-and-pinion sets have lower mass moment of inertia and higher natural frequency and efficiency over ball-screws. There are fewer components to save time during installation. Also, length is unlimited.