Helical Gearbox by Shreecon Gear

SHREECON – SG series Helical gearboxes with either Solid or Hollow shaft configuration.

Helical gearboxes are highly durable and are ideal for high load applications. The angled teeth engage more gradually than do spur gear teeth. This configuration lessens the load on each tooth and creates a smooth transition of forces from one tooth to the next. The result: less vibration, wear, noise, and a longer life.

At any given time their load is distributed over several teeth, resulting in less wear. Hence helical gears experience minimal wear and are practically maintenance-free as compared to worm gearings.

Shreecon make Helical Gearboxes are designed to perform with consistency in every application it is designed for. We have developed our own range of Standard Helical Gearboxes.

Aside from the standard series, Shreecon Helical Gearboxes can also be customized to meet particular industrial needs or requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs, and we will be happy to make appropriate recommendations.

Shreecon Gear - Helical Gearbox
Shreecon Helical Series
Rating (KW)
Single ( Series SGAN)
80 – 630
1.4:1 – 6.3:1
8.5 – 5000
Double ( Series SGBN/H)
110 – 800
6.3:1 – 22.4:1
7.5 – 8500
Triple ( Series SGCN/H)
160 – 800
14:1 – 112:1
5.0 – 5400
Quadruple ( Series SGDN/H)
225 – 800
112:1 – 630:1
2.0 – 1100