Quality management system adopted by Shreecon Gear meets ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
Quality management system at Shreecon Gear is periodically reviewed to improve the effectiveness for commitments to constant innovations and sound business practices. These made us a perfect case of alignment between quality, versatility and performance with economy.

QA personnel at Shreecon controls the inspection and testing of raw material – in process material & final manufactured equipment.
We constantly keep upgrading our technology so as to improve our products & services.

Types of testing done at Shreecon Gear includes:

  • Time to time calibration of measuring instruments.
  • Mechanical testing of materials.
  • Heat treatment testing of materials.
  • Chemical Testing.
  • Internal material inspection at every stage.
  • Trial run at no load conditions.
  • Noise level testing.
  • Temperature level testing.
  • Vibration level testing.
  • Ultrasonic testing.


  • Our aim is “ZERO ACCIDENT”.
  • We have adequate safety measures in our company.
  • We believe in “Employee Safety First” in the work premises & hence we provide a safe, clean & healthy environment to our employees.
  • No child labor is allowed in our company premises.
  • We follow safety rules, safe operating procedures that are designed to protect people & equipment from risk of injury or damage to property.
  • Safety practices are followed from time to time in our premises & employees are informed about safety advancement.