Shreecon was founded in 2011 by Mr. Paresh Panchal with an aim to redefine Gear offerings in the market. The focus was to establish as a brand that people can trust & a brand for Gears that not only believes in Quality but provides Quality in time within an economical range.

Initially when we started, the we limited our offerings to a specific range of Gearbox & Spares. The industries we catered were few. The priority was capacity expansion first & we achieved it. We became self reliant in Gear Manufacturing facility.

Then year after year, we also started developing our own range of products in Gearings & designed a complete range of Products – Gearboxes, Couplings, Gearbox Accessories & Geared Motors. We extended our geographical reach through these years. Today we have captured major Indian Market & have served Gear Mechanisms to Oil Refineries globally as well. Diverse Product Portfolio, Technology competence & a strong technical team having an extensive gearing experience along with reverse engineering skills have made Shreecon – a trusted & Genuine Brand for Gears today. We are not limited to manufacturing, we also provide technical assistance & servicing for Redesigning, Redevelopment or Refurbishing of any existing Gear mechanism.

We have our own developed series of products which are customizable for application be it Gearbox, Geared Motors or Couplings, We are here to serve you.