Jaw Couplings by Shreecon Gear : Series SGJW

Jaw couplings are popular because they are versatile & robust. They truly are and make for an excellent general all-purpose industrial power transmission coupling. What makes Jaw couplings Distinct from others?

  • They operate in a wide band of temperatures
  • Can handle angular misalignment
  • Can handle reactionary loads due to misalignment
  • Have good torque to outside diameter capability
  • Have good speed capability
  • Good chemical resistance (spider dependent) & Decent Dampening Capability.

A basic jaw coupling is made of three parts: two hubs, generally bored to a clearance fit tolerance, and an Elastoplast insert. These inserts, sometimes referred to as spiders, are designed to last a long time, but do eventually need to be replaced.

Jaw couplings are fail-safe. While, you should periodically check your jaw coupling spiders for wear and replace them. Jaw couplings are ubiquitous and low cost relative to other alternatives. Jaw couplings are also considered maintenance-free as they require no lubrication. Unlike gear, grid, or chain couplings that require periodic reapplication of grease as long as the spider remains intact, a jaw coupling will continue to work without additional maintenance required.