Pin Bush Couplings by Shreecon Gear : Series SGPB

The function of a Pin Bush Coupling is to transmit torque from one shaft to another in cases where limited misalignment may occur and also to absorb shock loads. Simple and compact in construction, the Shreecon Coupling is capable of transmitting high torques at maximum speeds. This type of coupling permits drive in either direction and requires neither lubrication nor adjustment after fitting. The flexible bushes remain unaffected by water, dust and atmospheric conditions.

Flanges are bored to suit requirements and are keyway to British Standard Specification, unless otherwise stated. They can also be supplied with the listed minimum bore to permit machining on site.


  • Vertical / Horizontal Mounting
  • Absorbs Vibrations
  • Fail-safe in the event of failure of bushings
  • Maintenance free, no need for lubrication
  • Easy replacement of bushings

For your Application specific needs or for more technical details,

Pin Bush Coupling