Brake Drum Gear Couplings by Shreecon Gear : Series SGBD

The brake drum gear coupling is used to connect the motor and gearbox shaft or gearbox and machine shaft. The brake is fitted on the brake drum. Thus it serves dual purpose of being a coupling and brake drum. Brake drum type coupling is mainly used to stop the service equipment without switch off the motor. Basically a mechanical force is applied from outside to stop the equipment.

Normally this type has three parts: the brake drum, Hub and Sleeve.

As a special case it is available in 5 parts also. In that case there will be 2 hubs, 2 sleeves and 1 brake drum.

In this type of Coupling, we have two variations:

  • Brake Drum Geared Coupling (SGBD-G Series)
  • Brake Drum with Flexible Gear Coupling (SGBD-FG Series)

For your application specific needs or for more technical details,

Brake Drum Geared Coupling