Gear Motors by Shreecon Gear : Series SG

Shreecon has developed its own Range of Gear Motors with Foot or Flange mounting options.

A Gear Motor encompasses a small sized motor, designed using a gearhead. They are used for torque multiplying and allow small sized motors to produce higher torque. They are highly effective in terms of reducing noise and are used for various applications including crushers, mixers, thickeners, agitators, kneaders and conveyors.

A geared motor is used for aligning rotor pinions as well as gear trains perfectly. They are designed for eliminating gearhead or motor couplings and misalignment of the bearings. Geared motors and gear boxes are used for various applications and also for reducing maintenance related costs. They are excellent at improving operational output and efficiency.

 Available in Type:

  • Foot Mounted Gear Motor
  • Foot Mounted Inline Gear Motor
  • Flange Mounted Gear Motor

 Range : UP TO 125 kW

 Mounting : Foot or Flange


Gear Motors