Services :: Customized Gearbox

Design is strength of Shreecon & hence we have ability to customize the existing standard product as per customer need as well as to develop a new customized product to meet customer’s application specification & reverse engineering. The possible production range is almost endless. We can design and manufacture gearboxes to order and package them to integrate with your system – tailor made for your particular requirements.

The internal gearings are of optimized geometry and manufactured from high alloy steel, hardened for strength and ground for efficient and silent functioning. Our experienced and qualified workforce secure that the product fulfils the requirements of even the most challenging and demanding applications. Special custom gear units are designed and manufactured as per customer specifications and standards to cater to a particular requirement.

In the development of custom gearboxes, we work closely with you all the way through the design and manufacturing stages to ensure that the custom built gearbox meets your requirements. Whether a special solution customizing our modular gearbox or a complete special design, we do it properly.

Shreecon Gear - Custom Built Gearbox